Behavioural Awareness Coaching

Barrington Centre’s Behavioural Awareness Coaching is widely recognised as the most effective way to address inappropriate workplace behaviour such as aggression, bullying and harassment. Tailored in conjunction with an organisation’s human resources department, our coaching programs target the growth and development needs for employees that focus on building respectful relationships, modelling core values, and providing skills to develop clear professional communication and accountability for successful team work.

Barrington’s coaching targets specific behavioural skills integrated with performance targets and outcomes. We achieve this by establishing clear outcomes that:

  • Encourage self-examination and self-development
  • Model listening, communication and behaviour
  • Provide feedback and empowers the employee with greater ownership
  • Work towards both individual and organisational objectives
  • Address patterns in team work that impact upon the employee and the organisation
  • Identify and implement strategies to improve behavioural awareness skills.

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