Cultural Change Programs

The culture of an organisation - its shared values and behaviours - is an integral part of a business' identity and vital to its success. A cohesive cultural strategy, particularly during times of significant change (such as substantial staff changes, downsizing or mergers), is critical to meeting the business' objectives.

Barrington e2e works in collaboration with organisations to identify, change, and successfully manage their culture. In integrated packages tailored to the organisation, Barrington's Cultural Change services include:

Barrington's Cultural Change services include:

  1. Cultural audits: utilising a combination of interviews, psychometric tools and questionnaires to determine the current organisation culture.
  2. Focus Groups: group interviews with selected staff conducted by an experienced facilitator to assess the strengths and challenges of the organisational culture.
  3. Executive Coaching: one-on-one coaching to define the desired culture and to develop the leadership skills to roll-out the desired organisational cultural shift.
  4. Workshops and Training: group workshops to raise staff awareness of the existing norms, values and behaviours which constitute the existing culture.

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