With the growing number of harassment and bullying claims being lodged each year, Workplace mediation has become a prefered, low-cost option in resolving workplace conflict. If litigation appears imminent, the Barrington team of Psychologists can aid in the resolution of these conflicts by clarifying concerns and enabling employees to resolve the situation.

Workplace Mediation is an effective solution to those issues which undermine workplace morale. By dealing with the conflict effectively, it can increase confidence by both staff and management in the organisation's capacity to deal appropriately with such issues, and maintain assurances that issues are handed swiftly, professionally and confidentially.

The goal of mediation is to:

  1. Resolve differences between the parties
  2. Avoid costly and time-consuming legal undertakings
  3. Provide individual coaching and support through the resolution process
  4. Establish workplace agreements that will provide guidelines for interpersonal relating and for ensuring productivity
  5. Provide feedback to management at the conclusion of the process

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