Leadership And Diversity Reform

The Leadership And Diversity Reform (LADR) program taps into the management pool of an organisation or agency to provide skill development, political acumen and leadership development to implement sustainable change. By focusing on both leadership and gender diversity, LADR enables businesses and agencies to demonstrate a commitment to the skill development and career progression of a broader range of leaders.

Through three targeted one-day forums lead by distinguished guest speakers, delegates develop the skills required to progress into Senior, Executive and Director roles. Working in conjunction with their Directors, they also have the opportunity to establish individualised career paths, as well as initiatives within their own business that promotes the long-term success of diversity programs.

The key outcomes are for each delegate to:

  • Build leadership capability for promotion into Senior, Executive and Director roles
  • Increase gender awareness and actively encourage wider senior leadership
  • Redefine traditional leadership and transition into a diverse leadership model
  • Integrate diversity into communication and leadership styles

Download PDF for program dates, costs, guest speakers and more information, or contact Barrington on 1300 857 363.


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