Systems of Support

Systems of Support is an innovative and evidence-based program designed by Barrington Centre’s senior psychologists to address and resolve the cumulative and secondary trauma faced by frontline professionals as part of the nature of their work.

Professionals who are engaged in frontline work in fields such as mental health, legal, emergency services, and veterinary services, usually possess altruistic and perfectionist personalities, making them potentially susceptible to high psychological and mental-health risk.

The 3 courses in the Systems of Support Program are created to alleviate the professionals’ risk of cumulative and secondary traumatisation as a result of their work.

Outcomes of the programs can be measured in:

  • Decrease in Psychological Risk
  • Increase in Resilience
  • Improvement in emotional/psychological protection
  • Positive shift in beliefs and self-expectations
  • Reduction in risk of cumulative trauma and secondary traumatisation

The 3  stand-alone courses and offer a different scale of involvement from each participant:

Course 1: Build Self Care

Build Self Care consists of two components that are both on-line and self-paced:

Component 1: An on-line sequence of 3 modules completed individually by participants. The modules take participants through identifying and anchoring belief systems and identity, developing constructive thinking and getting the best out of perfectionist tendencies

Component 2: Provision of a secure online colleague chat room to enhance collegiate support

Cost for Course 1: $200 per Participant

Course 2: Tailored Resilience Strategies

There are four components in Tailored Resilience Strategies that are all on-line and self-paced:

Component 1: Resilience and Risk on-line assessment

Component 2: Three core on-line modules completed individually by Participants

Component 3: One elective on-line module based on assessment result

Component 4: Opportunity for collegiate support through Systems of Support secure on-line chat room

Cost for Course 2: $450 per Participant

Course 3: Build Self and Team Care

Course 3 offers evidence-based testing before and after training. The questionnaires are : (a) PCL-5 , which measures the extent and risk of vicarious trauma (transfer of trauma from client/colleague to colleague) and cumulative trauma present; (b) CSA-2 identifies existing coping strategies and opportunities for growth.

There are five components in Build Self and Team Care:

Component 1: Baseline Resilience and Risk on-line assessment

Component 2: Three core on-line modules completed individually by Participants

Component 3: One targeted elective on-line module based on baseline assessment result

Component 4: Three x 1-hour syndicate forum discussions

  • Capital cities: Face to face or
  • Regional/Remote or wide distribution: video on-line conference

Component 5: Re-test Resilience and Risk assessment for evidence-based improvement per Participant

Cost for Course 3: $750 per Participant (20 Participants per Syndicate Forum)


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